A proud crew made up of civilian volunteers, recreational enthusiasts and Government officials worked as one to complete in one day, what was though might take several weeks. Here, some of them pose on their newly made marvel over the North Fork of the Thunder River. These people and their organizations will forever lay claim to being a part of history in preserving their sport and the environment at the same time, yet once again… both for themselves, and for all who pass after them.

Here the raw and undisturbed river bank will lay silent for a year, which will result in a beautiful, almost picturesque park-like scene, where once an unsightly and unusable landscape so prominently prevailed.

Almost instantly the water cleared to near Caribbean-like proportions. The crystal clear liquid allowed a shimmering glimpse of the clean rocky bed underneath, which had not seen the light of day for many years.

Organizations can make a difference, but only at the enthusiasm level of the membership involved. At this one place and one point in time, there could not have been a better combination to see this effort successfully completed. And, there really is something magical in all that, to be sure.