This is the original artwork created and produced by the Pipeline Thunder Rivers Restoration Project event coordinator, Randall Thomas.

This logo was emblazoned on T-Shirts commemorating the event, of which 252 shirts were distributed to event partners, officials and workers

This is the actual plaque presented to event coordinator Randall Thomas, for his efforts in putting together the user's side of the efforts for this historic project. The Lakewood District Forest Manager read in front of a forest full of people, what it says on the plaque…

"This Symbol of Recognition and appreciation is presented to Randall J.Thomas, by the Lakewood Ranger District of the U.S. Forest Service for outstanding individual effort in making the Pipeline bridge crossing and streambank restoration project successful. Your involvement in this project was greatly appreciated."

Signed, Larry Strecker, District Ranger- Partners in Resource Management

Borne from the responsibility and effort put forth by the forest users involved in this project, the W4WDA created a barrage of metal, screen printed signs with an appeasing "Forest Green" lettering, requested by the Forest Department as being able to 'fit in' among their natural surroundings theme.

Designed by Randall Thomas, and produced  by his wife Diane, these signs are intended to be placed where potential disrespect towards governmental restriction signs may end up damaged and unreadable signs, instead. The careful and specific wording intentially includes the viewer among 'their own', as a fellow user helping out, rather than a seemingly oppressive command given by  an anonymous official.

These signs are available as assistance wherever they are needed and deemed the best solution.