A while after the hustle and bustle of the Project abandoned the serene silence of the Nicolet northwoods, the legacy left behind was evident for all to see. The beautifully constructed bridges stand as a proud testament of not what was lost, but what was gained. Standing in unchallenged solitude, the wooden marvels beckon for those crossing it, to hear it's incredible story of being. Since the bridge itself has a difficult time spreading the message all by itself, we here, are assisting in the quest so others passing after us, can learn, and carry on this new borne tradition of care, concern and responsibility. 

Many feared that the irresistible challenge of the river crossing would be to much to fight, and that users would continue to cross the river, as they have done for 40 some year prior. To everyone's great relief, the obvious intention of the placement of the bridges was taken to heart, and no one ventured into the water, separate from those donning waiters and carrying a fishing pole. The test of time kept the bridges in wonderful shape, both physically and aesthetically. To those that were involved in this project, using the bridge was a novelty, and often sought out when planning their adventurous off road route for the weekend.

The bridge now stands as a monument, not only to the celebration of keeping the Pipeline trail open, but towards what can be accomplished when user groups and the government work together in attempting to accomplish a common goal. Normally, a project of this magnitude and sensitivity would be expected to take several years from conception to completion. In this landmark situation, it took only 3 months! Just imagine how much 'more' damage could have been inflicted upon this area, had the speedy resolution from both the Four Wheelers and Officials had not taken the course that it did. Commendable effort on both sides!

Like the cool river waters trickle unnoticed underneath the North Thunder River bridge, so will the memory of the auspicious occasion be forgotten by those that pass over the bridge, in time. But, like the water trickling underneath, that is the way of life, and there will always be a need to make that extra effort to accomplish something you really care about. When that effort diminishes, it will be obvious that it is not a concern to anyone any longer, and thus, apparently no longer a need for it, either. As these bridges fight to survive in the elements, at the same time they have learned to live with one another as well. Wise words of wisdom, from a school as old as time...